The Dominion

Dominion Cycle 1 :: Session 2
Welcome to the Army!

Having been captured by The Steel Raptors in the town of Jalmort, the heroes found themselves being herded to the mercenaries’ base. When they arrived, they found the camp in the midst of a massive staging ground for a vast coalition of forces. There were many other mercenary groups and, to one side, the largest collection of warforged soldiers any of the heroes had ever seen. It was noted that, oddly enough, many of the warforged who did not belong in that group shied away and avoided those that were in the group.

The heroes and other captives were addressed by Marne Lydell, captain of Raptors and the current head of House Lydell. He explained to the captives that they were being conscripted into the glorious service of the Crown Prince, heir to the Gulien Emperors and rulers of The Dominion. He stated that all of these lands used to be Dominion lands, and that the Dominion abandoned them to the wilds without any token of support and assistance. So while they have been watching as civilization crumbles around them, the people of the Dominion have grown fat and lazy hiding behind their borders. So the Crown Prince has returned and formed a great alliance to take back the Dominion and reclaim these lands for all the people to once again bring the peace and prosperity that they all should have known. They were told that they would be brought into the army, as their country has sent out the call that they were needed, but that they would also be returned to their towns, free men and once again protected citizens of the Dominion.

The heroes were trained and given equipment based on their individual skills along with the rest of the town. Some of the citizens embraced their role in the army, notably the dwarf and the two half-orcs from the Battle of the Bards, stating that Marne Lydell was right, the life they had was worthless and that being in the Dominion offered a chance for something better for everyone. Others asked what kind of freedom were they fighting for if they had to be enslaved in order to achieve it?

During their training, David was contacted by Radier, a priest who took an interest in him. Radier asked for David’s advice and asked him about his past lives. When he found out that David had no memory of his past lives, Radier placed his hands on him and found that David’s “book was missing pages, and the pages were out of order”. During this, Radier also triggered a memory in David, a past life in which he was being summoned by the Gulien Emperor for a personal audience. Radier promised that they would meet again soon, and would work to heal David’s memories so he could take his place at the head of humanity.

Airi was also contacted by a member of The Cartel. They expressed disappointment that she had broken with Halde’s orders and attacked the Raptors. Even worse, she allowed herself to become captured. However, Halde also saw some benefit in her position as he wanted to have some eyes and ears in the Alliance’s encampment, and he would send new orders soon.

Alexis stood guard over Marne’s tent and overheard a conversation between him and his second in command. His second in command expressed concerns over their cause if they had to conscript people and side with “every degenerate and monster for hire between here and the Eastlands” like The Piper, The Mad Demon and his pirates, The Gun Mage, and the creepy warforged from The Factory. Marne responded because they are heavily outnumbered and they need every able body that they can hire or press into service, even if that meant bartering with a few demons and devils.

The heroes and the conscripts finished their training and the day of The Battle of the Narrow Gulf came. The heroes were assigned under the command of Thune, and were sent aboard one of the Mad Demon’s ship, The Bitch’s Torment. Along for the ride was the Gun Mage, who was delighted to work with Thune again and joked about how they didn’t have to kill anyone for a ship this time, the Demon was giving it to them. Thune was less pleased to see the Gun Mage, especially after the Gun Mage made it clear that “it” told him he had to be on that ship.

The heroes and conscripts were sent belowdecks and told that the plan was they were part of the invasion force. They were sent to ride across the Narrow Gulf, storm the beachhead, and, along with the rest of the forces, establish a staging ground for the rest of the invasion. Thune said that they would catch the Dominion by surprise and he estimated that they would all be back home in 2 weeks.

Soon, though, the fleet came under attack by Dominion forces. A ship boarded the Torment and a fierce battle ensued. The Gun Mage, David, Alexis, and Reggie and Winston of the Raptors were able to board the ship. Raleo of the Raptors held off the attacking bowmen by himself, while Thune was able to sever many of the boarding planks, sending Dominion troops into the Ocean. The dwarf and the magician from the town aided in the battle, while most of the conscripts fled and hid from the battle. However, the Gun Mage found himself caught up in the heat of battle and forgot where he was. While engaged with three Dominion agents who recognized him, he ended up damaging the Dominion ship and it started to sink. The Dominion, in the meantime, set fire to the Torment and the fire was ignored until it was too late.

With both ships doomed, the Dominion and the mercenaries abandoned ship. The heroes boarded a life boat together, and saved Reggie and Winston from drowning in the Ocean. Also, they convinced the magician to join them on the boat, stating that they were going to surrender to the Dominion. The magician seemed convinced that the Dominion would want to hear their story and when they found out that they were pressed into service against their will, would let them go back home. The session ended with the heroes in the boat, trying to navigate themselves to shore, while the battle rages on around them.

Dominion Cycle 1 :: Session 1
Entry 1

It is the new year’s festival in Jalmort. Many have gathered in order to partake in the festivities. Among those are Airi, who had come to surf the crowd but was unable to find any lucrative marks. She was, however, given a note to attend a meeting later on to discuss potential work. Also attending was Erica, who set up a stall to sell flowers and beans to the residents. She was approached by Halde of The Cartel, who reminded her that she had better consider their offer to become partners in her business or they would not be able to guaranty her safety. When she refused, Halde tried to buy the services of David, explaining that Erica was a threat to the public order and needed to be reminded in maintaining the public peace. David confronted Erica, but soon realized that Halde was not entirely representative of the people in the area. David agreed to get Halde off her back, but when he went to look for Halde, David found that Halde has disappeared.

Meanwhile, Patrick entered the Battle of the Bards in the festival. He competed against a band of local youths who performed mediocre, an old minstrel who performed extremely well but not for this audience, Merridn, a very young elf who froze and was terrible, a half-drunk dwarf and two half-orcs who ruined the stage, and a purple piper who was interrupted by the dwarf and the orcs as they tried to elude the local authorities. When the judges were about to award Patrick the prize purse, the Piper demanded a he get another chance since his was interrupted and he was unable to do a proper performance. The judges agreed and the Piper performed again, and this time the crowd was noticeably affected by his performance, falling almost into a daze as they were swept up in the music. While the Piper performed, Airi attempted to question the dwarf and the two half-orcs on their behavior, as she noticed them acting suspicious as the edge of the crowd. She was roughed up for her troubles and did not glean any information.

Meanwhile on the outskirts of town, Alexis was on his first contract with The Steel Raptors. Led by Thune, he was told that they were on a mission to round up “conscripts” from the town for service into the army in the great crusade against The Dominion. Even after being told that the Crown Prince had returned and the civic duty of all to help take his throne, the mercenaries were still skeptical and saw this “slaver work” as beneath them. But they were being paid well and Thune brought them into line, and the attack began after a signal from one of their agents at the festival.

As Patrick began to play, the Mercenaries attacked from three sides with overwhelming force. They took many captives from the crowd and even though the heroes put up a valiant fight, they were overpowered and either surrendered or were taken captive by force. Among the captives were the dwarf, his two half-orc friends, a wizard who was performing, and Merridan. Halde was seen during the battle but somehow managed to escape. During the fight, some of the townspeople turned on their family and friends and appeared to join the Steel Raptors. After the fight, it seemed that somehow they were put under the sway of the Piper, who was revealed to be the contact in the town. The Piper mocked Patrick and took the prize purse from him, saying he would write a ballad about him, before the heroes were carted off.


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