Erica is a playing a Changling Artificer.

Distinct Notes: She owns a shop.

Goal: Her goal is to create a enterprise with her business.


Erica lives in the town of Jalmort. She owns a shop there and is well known by its inhabitants. The inhabitants do not know that she is a Changeling. Her business is modest, but slow. It will pay for food and keep her alive but it is by no means prosperous.


Jaquien Niall – Leader of the The Cartel in the Uliander region. Erica pays him a protection fee every month that she is finding harder and harder to pay. Jaquien wishes to purchase her business (with or without her) and use it as a front for moving various contraband (slaves, poached animal parts, stolen goods, etc).

Halde – Jaquien’s primary contact with Erica. He does what he is told and really has no concern for who he hurts along the way.

Brule – Halde’s bodyguard.