Jalmort is a small town in the Uliander region. It is populated by little over 100 people, both living inside of the town and in the areas just outside of it. The town is run by a mayor who is elected every 3 years. It is a peaceful town, with order enforced by a local, volunteer militia of around 20 people, who take shifts or come to duty as the need arises.

It is on very friendly turns with its two neighboring towns, New Ellistan and the small village of Delin. It is common for people to move and marry between the three villages. It is also common for craftsmen to train apprentices from the three places. Every year, Jalmort holds the new year’s festival in which people from the three places attend, as well as some people throughout the Uliander province. This festival is the “big event” for the town, with preparations sometimes starting months in advance.

Jalmort has no notable imports or exports.

Notable buildings are two competing taverns, a jail (which is little more than a holding place for drunks), the festival square (where the new year’s festival is held), an artificer shop, a blacksmith, and a stable. There is also a “common hall” which is used for town meetings, weddings, large parties, etc.

There are many areas where ruins or abandoned buildings can be seen. These are remnants from when Jalmort was a larger, more prosperous, city.

The nearest locations are: Delin (one hour distance west), and New Ellistan (two hours distance north)

The players start in the town of Jalmort.