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The Dominion

This is a story of a dying Empire, or an Empire saved from death and brought back to its rightful place in the world. It is all how one would look at it.

Not every action has a clear “this is good” or “this is bad” sign on it. Every action has a consequence, and every sinner is a saint in someone else’s eyes.

This is the world of the Dominion. A world of shades of grey in which everything is painted, and you may not know just how darkly you are shading yourself. It is a world of history that has come around to live again today. A story in which once the world’s problems are finally solved, only then is the true nature of evil revealed.


The Dominion, Uliander region


Mercenary Groups of the Region, The Sanguine Brotherhood, The Great Alliance, The Cartel

Major Figures

Narathel, Patrick, Erica, Airi, Alexis