Unaligned Male Deva Invoker, Malediction Covenant


Narathel, unlike most deva, no longer feels the strong pull of righteousness and virtue as strongly as he once did, before binding himself to the mortal world. He has not lost his sense of justice, but he finds himself in sympathy with the views of the Raven Queen: all things die; have no pity for those who die, for death is the natural end of things. Narathel is still a deva, however, and does not approve of death for death’s sake. He strictly follows a policy of never rendering death where it is not due, for fear that he lose his sense of morality and evil corrupt his soul, condemning him to rebirth as a hated Raksasha.

Where death is deserved, however, Narathel does not hesitate to employ violence. He will not shy from a fight against those who would seek to cheat fate and evade death when their ultimate payment is due. Above all, he detests the abomination that is undeath, and those who would seek to pervert nature’s course and return a creature from death, withholding from the Raven Queen her rightful due. Against all others he does not quickly pass judgment, as he holds that fate will ultimately do with them as it will.


Narathel was reborn to the mortal world 37 years ago, at the sacred springs of Dellmere at the source of the river Arn. In this cycle, however, Narathel did not feel the pull of the righteous gods as he had in the past. After making the appropriate supplications to the gods, he made his way to the city of Scariff. One day, he found himself present at the execution of a murderer. Finding that the sight filled him with a sense of justice fulfilled, he devoted himself to the Raven Queen. Two years later he secured for himself the post of executioner in Scariff, that he might bring to those condemned the solace his queen can offer at their final moment. Fearful that he might stray from his task, however, and forever tarnish his soul, damning himself to a horrible fate in his next rebirth, he refused to take part in any unjust execution. This conviction from him was widely accepted, for fear that to punish him might incur the
wrath of his divine patron.

Five years ago, a necromancer desecrated the graveyard of Scariff and raised a number of those buried there in an unholy ritual. Narathel was most troubled to learn that among their number were many of those he had personally put to death. He swore to dedicate the rest of his live to protecting the living from the undead, the greatest abomination in the eyes of the Raven Queen.
He retired from public life, and for four years communed with his goddess. In doing so, he awakened his latent ability to channel the Raven Queen’s power directly, and so utter dread words to smite his foes. For the last year, Narathel has dedicated himself to patrolling the Fen Road outside Scariff. He vigilantly protects travelers, noble or common alike, from the dangers presented by the undead. He has of late, however, found that simply keeping clear one road is not enough, and he has resolved to set forth and hunt undead abominations wherever he might find them.