Potions Book, Beginner

Basic Potions Book -

Chapter 1 – Curatives

Poison Cures
“Only works for natural poisons”

Disease Cures
“Now you can lay with whoever you want!”

Healing Potion, Minor
“The injured quaffer will be healed slightly”

Healing Potion, Moderate
“The injured quaffer will be healed slightly more than the previous one”

Healing Potion, Regenerative
“Sometimes slow healing is as good as slow cooking”

Chapter 2 – Enhancements

Strength Potion
“Imbues the quaffer with great strength!”

Speed Potion
“For the quaffer in a hurry”

Weather Protection
“Since sometimes we forget a blanket”

Chapter 3 – Poisons

“Apply to skin or injest”

Slowing Poison
“To chase something easier for the out-of-shape adventurer”

Mind Blocking Poison
“Because magic users can be annoying”

Chapter 4 – Experimental
(hand written – use at own risk)

Super Strength Potion
“Makes them very strong in body. Not so much in mind.”

“Turns the target into stone.”

Enhance Senses
“Makes the user hear and see things they normally wouldn’t”

Truth Serum
“The truth sets anyone free”

Super Speed
“Makes the user so fast they won’t know what to do with all that speed”

Magical Affinity
“To bring someone closer to magic and learn things they cannot”

Beginner’s Guide to Interesting Plants

(This pamphlet has pictures of known plants used for potion making or magical uses. Some have notes scribbled by hand next to them)

Krakenweed – Don’t mistake it for a real Kraken! It is a little more green in color.

Faery-grass -This bush has delicate bark.

Milkwort – Best if picked in the morning after it has collected the night’s dew.

Cat’s-buttercup – It has soft ointment in it’s skin, and is a type of bush.

Faery-thistle – It has delicate petals. Also has a root vegetable.

Cottonash – Though it’s a type of vine, it has glistening berries growing on it and golden leaves.

Shadowhazellettuce – slick leaves on this vine!

Xelmaburst – red petals, slick seeds.

Ragthistle – bush, it has sharp branches.

G’morabush – It’s a type of shrub. It has soft branches.

Fear’naghcup – It has poison on the skin of this bush.

Gru’dancreeper – green skin, a type of shrub.

Rainthistle – It has slick ointment in it’s skin, and is a type of bush.


Dragon’s-creeper – orange flower, ivy

Thorntail – vine, has velvety berries growing on it.


Chinivy – a type of root vegatable, it has red leaves.

Potions Book, Beginner

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