Session 7

Mother addresses Narathel as brother, Kalia as Cousin, “and their companions, of course”
A few guests from the area will be there.

David is fed blue corn. It will be delicious and almost be like a drug. Mother will joke that it is one of their people’s favorite food, and she will have a plate of the same.

They will talk for a bit, Sgt. Dravin will ask for further support from Mother. She will say that her brotherhood, while supporting order and security in these troubled times, is a nonviolent organization. They will argue back and forth and while they argue the heroes will hear some music playing in the background. Some of the heroes will be affected, but Mother will not be. She will suddenly stop talking and tell the Piper to quit trying his tricks, they won’t work on her. She will then state that he should come and join the feast, because she has provided her own entertainment. At which point, she will clap her hands and some of the local villagers will come in and play.

guests: Engineer (w/ elite Warforged), Piper, Sgt. Dravin of the Iron Marines (with escorts), Tarek and his brother Durag of the Mad Demon of the East (with escorts), Tek Kitzlebottom.
One of the servers will be a doppleganger which will accidentally brush Kalia and reveal his identidy.

The Engineer will be there on a routine visit to collect people from the town who seek his gift and cures from their ailments.

The Iron Marines will be there for another draft.

The Mad Demon of the East’s envoy is on the way to see the Crown Prince at Tyre’s Crossing, where he has reorganized his army.

Tek Kitzlebottom is passing through, there is a great project that needs his legendary skills. He will say that there is no device he cannot fix and nothing he cannot build once he puts his mind to it.

Mother will see Narathel, she will say that he has changed quite a bit. He is very different. She will also say that Radier has told her that he attempted to put his life back in order. She will state that they were not always like this. They were a people who wielded great power until they were scattered far apart. But those times can be theirs once again, and that she can help him regain a sense of what it means to be a god walking the earth. But first, they have to put together his shattered memory, for without his memory and former knowledge, he will be unable to access that power. He will be given snippets. He will see a time in which the gods created the devas to watch over humanity. Then a great sense of loss as the gods left. He will see mankind rise from its primative beginnings to a mighty empire, with the devas watching over them. Then he will see a great battle and chaos, and feel a wrenching sensation and everything will stop making sense, and his life feels out of order and his memories are not linear.

He will be given armor from an earlier time when they were champions.

Kalia can see the doppleganger or not.

After dinner, Myre and Sharis will hear a scratching and what sounds like the crunching of glass outside their door and leading down the hall. It will be dark and Myre will not be able to find his axe. If they follow, it will be a shadow creature going down the hall slowly. It will go into a chamber in which a Red Brother is waiting, and the shadow creature will talk in a whispering language that the heroes cannot understand, but The Red Brother will respond.

If the heroes do not attack, there will be a scream of alarm from one of the rooms. Tarek has been killed in his room, stabbed, and the orcs are going to leave and head back to the Mad Demon, vowing war.

The Iron Marines will move to stop him, with the Engineer minding his own business. The Piper will be smirking in a corner and Tek will be nowhere to be seen.

They will back down and examine the body. It looks like he had been cleaved from the shoulder with a large wound. There is no weapon in sight and there is no sign of forced entry. Mother will say that she will lock down the temple and nobody will leave the premises, guaranting that the murderer will still be inside.

The Iron Marines will state that they should search all the rooms. The Orcs say that they do not trust the humans to do the searching alone, so the groups will be mixed from the parties. They will eventually get to Myre’s room and find his bloodied axe.

Another group will find a witness who saw Myre flee from the scene of the crime. Myre will be apprehended while the witness is questioned by one of the Red Brotherhood, Salvos Frem, who is in charge of keeping order in the city.

The orcs will be enraged and they will demand justice. Mother says that she will be more than happy to put him on trial, but the orcs refuse, stating that he will be tried in the orc manner. Since they are without any leader of the orcs, it will be a trial by unarmed combat between Myre and one of the orcs. This will happen in the morning as the orcs will need time to give their ritual goodbyes and prayers before the trial by combat. Myre will be locked away for the duration.

It will be a huge orc and Myre will go toe to toe with him. The orc will look like he is going to power up a major attack, and then he will slump down, defeated.

Mother will look to the orcs and state that it appears that their god has spoken, though Myre may have killed the orc, he is to be forgiven for his crime. The orcs mutter but say that unlike the humans, they honor the ancient laws and customs. They will depart for the Mad Demon will want to hear of this. Though the trial against the minotaur may be over, it is up to the Mad Demon to see if the trial against humanity will be settled so mercifully.

They will depart.

Radier will look at Narathel and tell the honored deva that the orc god must work in mysterious ways, for it appears that there was another hand in his friend’s duel. Narathel would be wise to recognize a fixed fight when he sees one. He will depart.

Follow the Dark Sun mystery, except replace the Tsalaxa House with the Temple of Stability.
Run by Brother Tyron.

Tyron was the one who poisoned the orc because he is in charge of keeping the stablity of the area, as the name of his temple suggests. His is a peaceful order, and the death of the Mad Demon’s envoy would have ignited a war that would have consumed a land already torn apart by war. This cannot be allowed to happen, so why did they kill the envoy?

“You see, we get a lot of visitors to this town. The Sanguine Brotherhood is expanding its influence as more and more villages and towns seek our solace in these troubled times. Many powers great and small send envoys and members of their own house to meet with us, and Tarek is the third outsider in as many months to be killed, each time the murderers have been apprehended within the day, and sentenced to death in the arenas. According to the the Brothers at the Temple of Justice, all of the assassins acted alone and out of simple greed. Now in the short term, this has provided a wealth of opportunity as these have all been… well… potentially troubling figures to say the least but we are somewhat concerned about the perception of instability, and of course who might be ordering these deaths is of great interest to us. Someone is going to great lengths not only to have these people eliminated but to have others sentenced to a quick death for the killings.”

In the end, it is revealed the the Temple of Justice has arranged for these murders. Tyron says he will bring the evidence and findings to Mother, because the idea of a rogue splinter group in the Brotherhood is troubling to their cause of eventually bringing harmony to the land. He will go away and thank the heroes, and offer them gold and the thanks of the Temple of Stability. The heroes will then notice that the Iron Marines are leaving the city, on the latest grouping of conscripts.