The Cartel

The Cartel is a criminal organization with activities primarily in the Uliander region. This is a collection of towns (including Jalmort, Toban’s Run, New Ellistan, and Harker Falls) that originally fell into the Uliander province of the old The Dominion. As the influence of The Dominion shrank to its current borders, the Uliander province was one of those hardest hit by the anarchy and poverty that followed. All of the towns shrank drastically in population and prosperity as people left the region for other areas or died to bandits, famine, and the encroaching wilderness. Many of those that survived formed together for mutual protection.

Over time, good intentions gave way to desperation as the situation grew worse and formed what would become The Cartel. The Cartel is a purely criminal organization that cloaks itself in legitimacy and sells itself as a necessary service to the people. In reality, they seek only to further their own ends and bring back as much money as possible to the organization.

Notable Members:

Jaquien Niall – Leader of the criminal cartel

Halde – Jaquien’s primary contact with Erica. He does what he is told and really has no concern for who he hurts along the way.

Brule – Halde’s bodyguard.