The Dominion

The Dominion

The Dominion was once a large, vast Empire that spanned most of the known world. During its golden age, it was a beacon of prosperity, security, and stability for its citizens. The Dominion was ruled by the Ascendant Emperor, a heriditary position passed down in an unbroken line for generations through the Great House Gulien.

The Cleansing

The Emperors, for the most part, ruled with benevolence and wisdom. However, as the generations passed, the members of House Gulien began to feel more and more entitled to their position and started to take the mentality that the Dominion owed them for their prosperity, and not that they were in service to the Dominion.

Then, there rose a Gulien Emperor (Roscrens VII) who was petty and self-serving. He ruled the Dominion like it was his own personal toy and because the Dominion was created and had been run in such a way for so long, there was nobody in a position to oppose him. Eventually, his excesses led to an alliance of the wealthy and influential with the purpose of deposing him. The rebellion (known as The Cleansing) started slow and looked to be easily crushed in its early stages. But when they were joined by two powerful generals in the Imperium (Malken Vor and Regan Tiberius), their cause spread like wildfire as many joined their cause.

Though there were some that supported the Gulien Emperor, it was not enough and the Great House Gulien was destroyed and its supporters scattered as they fled the reach of the rebelling army.

The Aftermath

When the dust settled and the Palace of the Three Suns was taken, it was decided that no longer would the Dominion be ruled by a single person. The role of governing would be placed directly in the hands of represenatives of the people. This is how the Assembly was formed.

In the wake of the rebellion, the leaders and major backers of the rebellion styled themselves as the new nobility of the Dominion. They formed noble Houses with the intent of keeping power balanced and spread through the Dominion so that no one group could rise to power unchecked. The Assembly, with its mission of giving equal voice to all, grew and grew as new interests rose in the Dominion or places were given to “”/campaign/the-dominion/wikis/Heroes%20of%20the%20Dominion/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Heroes of the Dominion" (people who had done it a great service worthy of merit).

As for the supporters of the Gulien Emperor, some left to become bandit kings, others were dissipated over time. Most kept true to their identities in the old order and held to the traditions and attitudes of their glory days.

The Present Day:

The Dominion is a stagnant body. It is impossible for any decision or referendum to get done. Only time anything gets done is when the Dominion is ruled by the Warmaster. The Warmaster is a represenative who is elected to the position by the Assembly during a wartime emergency. It has also receded its reach and influence drastically as the Dominion finds itself unable to maintain a large, expansive civlization. This has left many of the towns and regions formerly under the Dominion’s control and safety in poverty or exposed to the dangers of the untamed world.

Currently the Dominion is under attack by an enemy force and has a Warmaster.

The Dominion is under attack by a mercenary army. This army (The Great Alliance) claims to be formed under the banner of the ruling house who has come to put the Dominion right again. But he does not care how many people die in order for him to ascend the throne. He has found all of the remnants of the houses which once allied with him as well as every bandit leader, mercenary, or pirate who can be bought to fight. This has, of course, led to a rather undisciplined and given the army a shady character. The war has gone on for some time, and the mercenaries are running out of fresh bodied to throw at the Dominion. They have resorted to kidnapping and pillaging local villages or travellers that they have met on the road and pressing them into service.

This is where the PCs enter the story.