The Steel Raptors

The Steel Raptors are a Mercenary Group formed by the remnants of House Lydell.

They are considered a premiere group to join by mercenaries. They are very selective and it is considered a lucreative job to be brought in as a member. They are highly organized and considered honorable on the field of battle.

As the war grinds on, his company has been set with the task of “drafting” the local populace to the glorious calling of retaking The Dominion and bringing about a new Golden Age. His company is given this task due to Lydell’s reputation and disciplined ranks. The company will not let this drafting turn into a campaign of looting and devastation.

Members and Organization:

Marne Lydell
Captain of the Golden Hand, former of House Lydell

He is a tough but fair captain. He is called the Captain of the Golden Hand due to his reputation for securing highly profitable contracts and filling the regiment’s pockets with gold. His family was one of those who supported the Gulien Emperor during The Cleansing, and his it has been his family goal to amass money and an army to take back his place in the Dominion. Believes in House Gulien’s return to prominance in the Dominion. Has not met with the heir but meets with his represenative, Piers Viseraeli. Due to his reputation and experience, he is slightly insulted by the fact he is not leading the The Great Alliance, but wants the Crown Prince to suceed so badly that he does not let it affect him.

Dusken Threal
Second in command to the Golden Hand

The Goliath Sargent-at-Arms, also is duty officer for the camp. Believes in order and following instructions. Does not tolerate dissent or questioning the Captain.

Magus Advisor to Marne. Comes from the Sanguine Brotherhood (or the Brothers), which supports the Crown Prince. Trains those with an affinity to magic in the camp.

Varne Lydell
Son of Marne, heir to House Lydell but not to The Steel Raptors.

Hardened veteran of the Steel Raptors, he is often given command of some troops to lead specific missions.

Warforged Contingent – Guards, Soldiers, Enforcers, Bodyguards to

The Steel Raptors

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