A province in the old Dominion. Originally known for its great wealth and prosperity, due in part to its important trading location and access to major rivers and The Great Sea.

After the fall of the Gulien Emperor, the Assembly was unable to manage such a sprawling empire with any efficiency. It was decided that the Uliander province would be given its independence from the Dominion. This was an announcement that was made without approval or much prior notice to the residents of the province, who saw themselves as loyal and important citizens in the Dominion.

The Dominion withdrew its troops and functionaries, and left behind a governing body to rule in its place. This governing body included the last governor of the region, Menedan Nor, who out of a sense of duty and shame refused to leave the people who had depended on him for so long. But even with the governor and a few of his staff who also stayed, the new ruling body of Uliander was inexperienced and also faced with the tremendous task of building a nation from scratch. It soon fell apart and anarchy ruled the province, with bandits and the strongest making the law.

As the population of the province dwindled from emigration and death, a sort-of peace came on the province and has been sustained for some time. This is not due to any sort of law and order being imposed on the land, but rather there is not much of value for any external party to exploit.

Notable towns/cities: Jalmort, Toban’s Run, New Ellistan, Harker Falls